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Digital transformation of analytical processes in drug discovery

29 Jun 2016 - Mickey Farrance

This global biopharma company works to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines to patients with serious diseases.

They took the innovative approach of delivering inter-lab workflow applications through the use of a BPM platform, integrating them with domain-specific laboratory information management systems (LIMS), whose workflows are not portable to other domains. Read more about this customer story here.


"Now that we have automated the entire process and eliminated manual spreadsheets and handdrawn models, our scientists are focused on data interpretations rather than performing kindergarten tasks of cutting and pasting. Digitizing our paper based analytical process has resulted in time savings equivalent to 5 FTE’s."


"The inability of LIMS vendors to cross domains prompted us to look at BPM as a potential solution. The inter-lab processes were no different than some of the financial and operational processes that BPM had already solved. There was some initial resistance to use a BPM solution as a previous pilot run on another vendor’s‘ solution was not successful. Management was skeptical of the benefit and did not understand how it would work in a scientific environment. This was quickly overcome by running a proof-of-concept with Bonita BPM and demonstrating the ease with which it be integrated in the company environment."


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