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VOO: Bonita BPM for telecom customer subscription process

15 Jan 2016 - Mickey Farrance

VOO has chosen the Bonita BPM platform to orchestrate, automate and optimize the activation process for its customers’ TV and mobile subscriptions. “Being a Quadruple Play telecom operator, our business processes are many and complex, so deploying Bonita BPM across our information system proved to be vital. Today we offer a better experience to our customers, while reducing our operational costs and benefiting from a system architecture that is simpler to adapt.” Erik Lamal, VP of IT at VOO

With the strategic decision to offer mobile to its customers, the need to automate processes, previously performed manually, became evident. “To develop our organic growth, it was essential to launch a mobile offering based on complete customer satisfaction, and we needed to evolve our complete subscription process, from order taking to the activation of the SIM card,” said Erik Lamal, VP IT at VOO. "Our previous process did not allow us to ensure effective monitoring, and it was difficult to quickly detect malfunctions and blocking points in the customer journey, which slowed down our procedures," Lamal added. To meet the expectations of their customers and also provide them with a multi-channel shopping experience, regardless of the points of contact (mobile, Internet, shops), it was necessary to unify solutions that were dispersed in separate silos. For example, tools such as BSS billing managed in SAP need to communicate seamlessly with service management solutions.

Despite complex constraints, a few months were enough to put in place the first major process automation project, activating customer accounts for mobile. “Building on Bonitasoft’s highly efficient support service, we were able to deploy a process involving many different tasks within a reasonable time: subscriber qualification, automated mail, voicemail management, SIM card activation, recording telephone numbers in the Belgian phone registries, links for billing, and so on,” said Lamal. With about 200 new mobile customers per day, each generating two or three complete processes, important efficiency gains were achieved.


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