Build powerful, process-based business applications -
and keep them up-to-date easily.

Introducing Bonita BPM 7. It includes everything you need to build highly engaging,
personalized, process-based business applications that adapt to your business changes in real time.

Developers and business people love Bonita BPM. Here’s why.

With Bonita BPM, developers aren’t bound by rigid product features — so business stakeholders can
get the applications they really want.

Design freely

You get everything you need to build powerful, process-based applications - from BPMN2.0 workflow modeling to a state-of-the-art, drag & drop user interface designer.

Deliver continuously

No more lengthy, costly update cycles. The applications you build in Bonita BPM can adapt easily in real time as your business processes change.

Delight completely

Business users get personalized applications to perform their day-to-day tasks more efficiently, and tools to make updates easily.

What can you do with Bonita BPM? Just about everything.

Model powerful processes

Bring business and IT together to model powerful business processes with BPMN

  • Model your processes with the easy-to-use BPMN 2.0 graphical modeler
  • Assign actors and map them to your organization for routing tasks
  • Manage complex data easily with business data management
  • Collaborate using a shared repository for the process models

Connect and customize

Simplify integration with external systems. Be creative, code freely, and even create your own extensions.

  • Connect to nearly any enterprise system straight out-of-the-box - CRMs, ECMs, ERPs, databases and more
  • Create your own connectors with extensible framework and tooling
  • Integrate easily with open & extensible REST and Java APIs
  • Automatically synchronize your organization for efficient user management

Build engaging business applications

Transform your processes into highly engaging, personalized business applications.

  • Design rich user interfaces that work on any mobile device
  • Deploy the processes on a powerful, robust execution engine
  • Enable continuous integration and deployment of processes
  • Perform user tasks with Bonita BPM web and mobile portal
  • Create a completely personalized end user application

Adapt easily

Bonita BPM doesn't just make building applications faster - it makes updating them easier, too.

  • Apply changes to your applications in real time, without any interruptions
  • Create ad-hoc tasks "on the fly" for improved process flexibility
  • Handle errors instantly, with the ability to repair and replay or skip failed activities

Scale to enterprise heights

Ensure your business can scale and run smoothly with maximum uptime and minimal disruption

  • Monitor everything, with in-built dashboards and graphical case visualization
  • Track business KPIs with user-defined business reports
  • Ensure high availability (HA) of your BPM platform through clustering
  • Serve multiple, isolated independent organizations from one multi-tenant enabled platform

No matter what you need, there's a version for you.

Explore our open source, user-supported Community Edition - or skip straight to our Subscription Edition
for enterprise-grade performance, scalability, professional support, and advanced features.

Choose Community Edition to:

Build process-based business applications in an open source environment

Enjoy community-led support

Pay nothing.
Zero. (It's free!)

Choose Subscription Edition to:

Get professional, global support

Build applications even faster
  • Advanced UI design features
  • Team collaboration
  • Continuous integration & testing
  • Advanced connectivity to enterprise systems
Customize to your end-user needs
  • Full look & feel customization
  • End user interface customization
  • Mobile-ready
Build applications that adapt in real time to business changes
  • Perform live updates without interruptions
  • Define ad-hoc tasks on-the-fly
Scale to meet enterprise demands
  • Clustering
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Error management
Monitor your applications
  • Monitoring dashboard & graphical visualization
  • User-defined business reports

Bonitasoft is dedicated to your success

Comprehensive training

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Expert consulting

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